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^that's my salute for now. i'll get you a proper one with a sign and a stuffed animal by friday. i pinky swear on it.

love ya bitches

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Reply here with the picture you want for the member page, and 2 links to promotions. ♥
(hopefully we get this community started!)


pic for member page:

thanks again
on the pic i've set the border to two... can you do that on the member page as well please? [sorry i'm being so difficult lol]

u look fuckin adorable in the dominoes uniform
haha it's such a gross uniform tho huh
but thanks *blushes*

i broke one of the rules just to tell u that, but it was worth it
oh shit.
i seriously hope it doesn't affect you being accepted o_0
look forward to seeing ur app

be good! lol


Actually, pressed to admit, but yes.

You're a driver at dominos? Worst job ever.


August 4 2005, 12:50:52 UTC 11 years ago

haha no, an in-store... but it's still pretty bottom-shelf.
the only reason i'm still there after three months or so is because we have upsell competitions [to sell the most percentage of side orders] and i win those, and get $200 or something for that each time... so it works out better than another job because i'm good at it.

i've been seriously considering getting a different job though because the managers are so weird and they give me crappy hours.

oh well enough whingeing from me.

haha that was me... i forgot i wasn't signed in.
and thanks for the compliment

love love

♥ sass
I've been a driver at dominos for 9 months. I have no excuse for staying. Well, except for the fact that I get a load of hours and its easy work.
shame it doesn't pay better though eh man.